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Start Online Business: Everything You Need to Know

Start Online Business: Everything You Need to Know

If you are thinking to start an online business, remember one thing. It is much different from starting a traditional business. But, it is still a business and needs constant attention, effort, learning, and dedication. So want to learn how to start Online Business? Let go.

You might have read about people who are making millions online for very little work. Stacks of money and Lamborghinis. Sparkling champagne glass, next to a private swimming pool of a luxurious apartment. Those are glorified “literature”. Designed to get you to sign up or buy something.

But, the fact is, there are few people who made millions online!

Starting any business is easy, and possible for anyone. To nourish it you need three things. Time, Effort, and Capital.

Launching a personal blog from scratch is cheap. For example, with RACTOW, it will cost you less than ₹999 for a year, excluding tax. Yes, that includes Website Hosting, Domain Registration, POP3 Emails, and Free SSL. Then, install WordPress and your website is ready!

So, now if you ask me, What will I do with a WordPress website? Then, I should say, The possibilities are endless. Let us discuss a few. These ideas are those you can do if you are working in some other primary job or even a student.

1. Start Online Blogs or Magazines

Online Business using Blogging
Online Business using Blogging
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If you love to write, you can use blogging to earn money online. Choose a topic from your expertise. Choose a subject from your hobbies. Write what you know. About, what you are good at. Write about what you love to do. You can work from home. Write in your own time. And there is no limit on how much money you can make.

But even before you do that, you need a website. Therefore, you need a domain name, shared hosting, and have to install WordPress.

Once, you have all these in place, start writing articles. Set up a schedule to write. Set a target for yourself. For example, an article per day, or per week. Start with a rigorous target in the beginning. Slow down after a few months. An article a month or year, won’t work.

Then, share your articles on social media. Share it with groups. Engage people with your website, through comments and suggestions. The moment you have visitors on your website focus on earnings.

1.1. Advertisements

Look out for companies or other website owners/groups who are engaging with your articles. Approach them for sponsorship. Charge as low as you can. Do not jump for millions so soon. Set your foundation strong, and grow in an organic way.

As an alternate, you can also use Google AdSense. It’s an easy way. But, by using CPC ads, your earnings will be always within a limit.

1.2. Write sponsored articles

If your website is popular and people are talking about it, you can go for sponsored writing. This involves, writing for other people who are not good. They might wish to hire your expertise. You have already showcased your writing skills.

Reach out to your niche groups and product owners, for writing product reviews. That is to say, a small fee is applicable. Someday, they might turn into your website sponsors also.

Hence, if you are good at writing, blogging could be a good choice to start an online business.

2. Start Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Online Side Business of Affiliate Marketing
Online Side Business of Affiliate Marketing
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Affiliate Marketing is another way of earning money by using blogs. The only difference is no one is paying upfront for writing articles. However, you have to write articles promoting a product. You will get an affiliate link, which you have to use and promote. If someone buys that product using your link, you get a commission.

Think about it. Sponsored Articles may pay you one time. But, Affiliate Article you write one-time and it will pay you for a long time. Long time means, as long as the product is available.

Affiliate Market

You can register there, for free, and choose a product of your choice. Be sure, the product is as per your niche. Choose as per the commission offered. Research for the benefits and get some idea of what others are talking about that product.

Here is one, that I use. DigiStore24 – A new proved “Ungoogalable” Internet Marketing Strategy! Check out how their experts teach to achieve financial freedom. The one-stop, all about affiliate marketing.

Thereafter, it’s simple. Write some goody-goody about the product, and add a button or hyperlink to your affiliate link. At DigiStore24, you can also access some of the ready content and media, for free.

That’s about it. Now all you have to do is promote and share this link with as many people as you can. On social media pages, groups, discussion forums, and wherever you may find suitable.

If you are serious about Affiliate Marketing, you must try this DigiStore24 Course. It has loads of knowledge and learning resources, which I can not cover in this article.

Affiliate Marketing could be a good choice to start your online business. But, you need to grasp the knowledge of How Affiliate Marketing works? Take a 14 days trial for $1.

3. Start Online Store Business

Online Side Business through Online Store
Online Side Business through Online Store
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I assume you know what is an Online Store. Everybody does. The question is how? Is it difficult, or is it a pain?

Well, there is no direct answer to it. Setting up an Online Store is easy. The difficult part is to make a sale, manage the inventory, shipping, and accounting.

As amazing as it sounds, you can run an Online Store using WordPress. Yes, using WordPress… isn’t that wonderful! You only need to install a few plugins.

  1. Register a Domain Name for your store.
  2. Get a basic Hosting package according to your budget.
  3. Install WordPress and Theme (free).
  4. Install WooCommerce plugin (free).
  5. Register and install Razorpay or PayPal payment gateway plugin (free).

Configure your products by adding images, descriptions, and prices. Woohoo! Your Online Store is ready for serving your customer. As an alternate, you can also go for open-source (free) eCommerce applications also, like:

  1. OpenCart
  2. PrestaShop

So, eCommerce is another good option to start your online business in no time. Further, knowledge of the following topics would help you a lot, in the long term:

  • Product costing
  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • Refunds
  • Drop-shipping

Read more about How to Start your own Online Store?

4. Start Online Learning Business

Online Business with Online Teaching
Online Business with Online Teaching
Photo Credit: Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

Online Learning is not new. Before 2019, corporate company employees and freelancers were the major customers of Online Learning. But today?

You must accept the fact, that the nasty COVID situation has made a paradigm shift. Schools closed. Universities and colleges closed. Every kid on the planet is now forced to continue their education through the internet. Now, don’t you think it is a business opportunity there?

So, can you teach better than a boring lecturer? Can you present a yawn-contagious theory in an exciting and engaging way? This is your game!


To start, take a textbook on your favorite subject. Go by one section at a time, not by the entire chapter. Explain the section, and record your audio. Or create a video. Wear some dramatic costumes, if teaching drama. Add some animation. Publish it on your WordPress website, YouTube, or on any other social media.

Will it help students?

Why not? Imagine, a day before an exam. A student is doing his or her final revision. Late at night he or she fails to recall a particular section, or maybe they have some confusion. What are they supposed to do? Take a risk, and pray to god? Pray questions from that particular section, don’t emerge in the exam questionnaire? Or call their tutors late at night?

Guess what, your explanation audio, video, or presentation is available on the internet! You got a subscriber, right there.

Other options

It is not limited to school students. You can teach grownups too. If you have spent a long time in some industry, you must be having some sort of expertise. Or say a long-time hobby of yours. Everyone can teach something or other.

  1. App Development & Programming
  2. Aquariums, Ecosystem & Terrarium
  3. Gardening, Aquaponics & Hydroponics
  4. Cooking, Baking & Grilling
  5. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects
  6. Project Management & SCRUM (Agile Masterclass)
  7. Digital Marketing & Affiliate Marketing (Take a 14 days trial for $1)
  8. Content Writing, Story & Novel writing
  9. Personal grooming, Jewelry, Apparels & Accessories
  10. Diet, Fitness, Meditation & Yoga
  11. Fast Reading
  12. How To score A*?

As you can figure out yourself, there is no limit to it. So, find your expertise, and create your content. Your fee depends on you. You can create a mix of free and paid content.

Like Online Store, you would need some kind of payment gateway to accept payments on your website. Therefore, you need to register with a payment gateway, like Razorpay or PayPal. Once you register, download appropriate plugins for WordPress, and you are good to go!

So if you have the talent for teaching & coaching, go for it! Online Learning has no boundaries. Start your online business today!

5. Start Online Job Boards

Online Business through Job Listing
Online Business through Job Listing
Photo Credit: Photo by Marily Torres from Pexels

Does your company publish recruitment notices at referral bonuses? Can you collect such information from a few of your friends? You must encash this. Post these opportunities and share on social media. And, start collecting resumes. Scan them once, for a legitimacy check. Then, refer the suitable candidates to your company’s recruitment team. That’s it. Your job is done here. The candidate has to do the next.

Once the candidate clears the interview and joins the company, you get your referral bonus. And, the job seeker gets a job! Win-win situation.

This can help a person in need. So, involve your friends to share such pieces of information about the job openings, and work as a team. This will grow your database in an organic manner. Get into an agreement that the team will share the bonus amount. This way, the entire team can earn a handsome amount, very soon.

You don’t need a payment gateway for this. Referral bonus pay goes to the salary account. You may not need a website too, as you can share the information right on social media. LinkedIn works best in this case.

However, if you wish to create a brand, and want to perform under a banner, you should think of having a website.

So what are you waiting for? Start your online business today!

6. Start Freelance Service Business

Start online Freelancing business
Online Freelancing Business
Photo Credit: Photo by Canva Studio from Pexels

Freelancing also has a vast variety. What is your expertise? Decide your niche. According to that, sign up with a Freelancing Marketplace and create an account for free. These marketplaces, also have paid memberships. Paid or sponsored membership emphasizes your profile.

How do I earn?

Create a nice profile for yourself. You may very well understand the importance of a complete & presentable profile. Showcase your personality, skill details, and work history all compiled in one. It helps to persuade an employer. That is to say, it plays a major judgment key in whether to hire you or not. Presentation is what all matters.

Once you have your profile ready, it is time to get work and get paid. Most of these markets have plenty of projects, where freelancers contest. Projects from different categories, genres, or niches. Search from their online database and bid on the ones, which you find suitable.
In the beginning, it would be hard to nail one. Don’t get disappointed.

The day you receive a project, put in the best of your effort. You not only need the money from this project, but you also need good feedback. More good feedback means more stars. More stars means, it is much easier to get the next project.

So, keep checking your inbox and keep bidding.

When you have too many projects to handle, you can always hire people to help you out. And, your next move should be to move to the back seat and get the job done by the team you hired. Next, when the team is working for you, shift your focus on the following:

  1. Bid and get more projects.
  2. Managing your team.
  3. Manage your quality of deliverables.
  4. Keep your profile shining.

Freelancing can lead you to a big multi-million dollar company. If you can deliver your expertise online, freelancing is the thing for you.

Go ahead and start your online business of Freelancing!


Setting up a website and starting your business is no big deal. The big deal is to make sales and acquire new customers. It needs constant persuasion, dedication, time & patience. Start slow, and be steady. Learn from your mistakes. Read more books & articles on your niche, and stay updated at all times. Hard work never fails. Shortcuts never succeed.

Do you know any other ways to earn online? Share it in the comments.

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